Sausages and Smores

In Ash class this week we have combined our skills and learning  from LOTC and life skills in order to cook smores and sausages over a campfire. The pupils used the internet to look up recipes and ingredients needed for smores and wrote a shopping list for Miss Mayo-Ward. On Friday they took their ingredients over to Mr Hurles in learning outside the classroom, and used their newly acquired fire starting knowledge. The students collected their own fire wood, started the fire using flint and steel, and built the wood up in bundles. They then cooked sausages and smores over the flames.

Here are some photos from the morning’s activities.


img_0016 img_0025 img_0023 img_0021 img_0020 img_0017img_0024

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Last term students were designing  a theme park. students designed their very own theme park and created a commercial for their grand opening… Here is our first completed advert by Lewis in year 7 Ash

Tasks included:

  • Applying for the Rollercoaster designer Job
  • Creating and writing a CV
  • Creating a presentation showcasing their ideas
  • Using Rollercoaster Tycoon software to put their ideas and designs into reality
  • Filming their coaster
  • Editing and creating a commercial for the Grand opening


Computer museum

Tuesday  Ash were on a trip to the Computer museum in Swindon. Ash were able to take part in an App creation workshop and be hands on with gaming through the ages.

All students were very well behaved and had a wonderful afternoon …, Mr Portlock was in technology heaven 😊

Springfields ahead of the game…., 

I started using Minecraft 3 years ago. Some were skeptical only looking at it as gaming not really teaching!

I created a whole school project bringing together all year groups and created a competive team work ethos. We achieved collaborative national awards and even showcased our scheme of work at an exhibition….. 3 years on and Minecraft still shows no boundaries. Whether it’s maths , history, geography or programming minecraft continues to be an engaging and educational tool. Year 8 incorporated it into their History of WW2 last term and designed structures with facts about the war… Check out the following link Minecraft projects


Dig For Victory… Upton house visit

Wednesday year 8 visited Upton house. This was part of our WW2 topic and offered us an insight into a typical estate that was used for evacuees or growing food.

The student learnt that land had to be used to grow produce due to 70% of our food being imported before the war. We learnt how the house was turned into a bank and where paintings were hidden during the war to keep them safe. 


Year 8 WW2 exhibition 

This terms topic has been WW2. We have looked at timelines and significant events that left lasting effects on the world.

Using QR codes we are allowing our learners to use technology to learn more about WW2 through video footage, images, stories and websites.


It was a dark, cold and foggy night!

This morning’s assembly was a prize-giving extravaganza! Prizes were awarded for our World Book Day quizzes, our ‘What Book Are you From?’ celebrations and for our spooky spine-chilling stories. Winning pupils were awarded a certificate and a £5 book token. Amongst the winners were: Colin from Maple, William and Ethan from Ash, and Leo from Pine. The winner of our spooky stories was Jareth from Pine class. His story was so good that it deserves to be shared here, but be warned you might not be able to sleep tonight!

It was a dark, cold and foggy night! I was running to an old castle past the cemetery. I ran to the deepest chamber. Then I sat down thinking about the creature of darkness, the same one chases me now. Some say it’s a ghost but much worse. Some people say it’s a griffin or a gargoyle, but no…..It’s a dragon, an evil dragon. Suddenly, I feel cold breathing down my spine. “Hello. Anybody there? Hello.” I turned around there were eyes glowing red as blood. “Aaahhhh!” and that’s where I end.


Ready, Steady, Read, Write Inc!

Yesterday, we were visited by Kirsten Mackie, our Read, Write Inc trainer, for our first development day. You may remember that last June 40 academy staff undertook an extensive 2 day phonics training course, helping us learn our split digraphs from our phonemes! Kirsten was delighted to return to follow up on this training and see how pupils and staff were getting on with their phonics.

It was a jam-packed day, including popping into lessons, a masterclass from Kirsten, alongside the creation of a development plan. We saw some fantastic learning, particularly from Beech Class who really impressed with their ‘aw’ spellings. Willow were working on the ‘y’ sound and produced some brilliant handwriting. Kyle and Jordan from Elm were really enthusiastic in their reading of ‘Ken’s Cap’ and were the star performers of Kirsten’s masterclass. Ash, Pine and Maple were all working hard on their respective Fresh Start modules and some lovely reading, spelling and writing was seen throughout.

I will be working with staff over the coming weeks to share the action points from the day so that we can continue to place literacy at the heart of our curriculum. I will also keep you updated on these actions and our progress towards completing them.

If you would like further information about our phonics then please contact myself or look at the Read, Write Inc website.