Primary Creative Technology Beech Group

This week in Beech class we had different activities available within the Creative Technology lesson. We have been looking at e-safety and we all created a storyboard showing our understanding of safety whilst on line. We also had some pc’s that needed a fix, so screwdrivers at the ready we took apart the components and looked at the inside of the computer.

If this wasn’t enough we then offered animation through “I can animate” whilst drawing our favourite characters……

Computer building

Computer building

‘Beech class making beef Koftas!’

‘Beech class making beef Koftas!’

Ready, Steady, Read, Write Inc!

Yesterday, we were visited by Kirsten Mackie, our Read, Write Inc trainer, for our first development day. You may remember that last June 40 academy staff undertook an extensive 2 day phonics training course, helping us learn our split digraphs from our phonemes! Kirsten was delighted to return to follow up on this training and see how pupils and staff were getting on with their phonics.

It was a jam-packed day, including popping into lessons, a masterclass from Kirsten, alongside the creation of a development plan. We saw some fantastic learning, particularly from Beech Class who really impressed with their ‘aw’ spellings. Willow were working on the ‘y’ sound and produced some brilliant handwriting. Kyle and Jordan from Elm were really enthusiastic in their reading of ‘Ken’s Cap’ and were the star performers of Kirsten’s masterclass. Ash, Pine and Maple were all working hard on their respective Fresh Start modules and some lovely reading, spelling and writing was seen throughout.

I will be working with staff over the coming weeks to share the action points from the day so that we can continue to place literacy at the heart of our curriculum. I will also keep you updated on these actions and our progress towards completing them.

If you would like further information about our phonics then please contact myself or look at the Read, Write Inc website.

Fantastic Mister fox digs his way into springfields

Beech class have all read the story of fantastic mister fox and decided to put a picture of mister foxes home on their door for World Book Day. They also made it interactive as you need to pin poor Mr Foxes tail back as it has been chopped off!  It is super cool!!!! By Alfie