Springfields Bake off


Attention rising stars!

Tomorrow (21st October), is the Springfield Bake Off.

Students and staff will be bringing in their home baked goodies to enter the competition that is being run by one of our very own primary pupils’.

He has been busy designing and making awards for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners.







If your child would like to enter but hasn’t yet brought in a cake, entries can still be submitted before 10:30, on 21st October.

Cakes will be on sale after the bake off, with proceeds going to charity.

Our Pobble Launch Day!

You may have previously read some of our blog posts about our fantastic phonics work and other reading opportunities. On average pupils at Springfields improve their reading age by 9 months every year. In fact last year one student improved their reading age by 42 months in 10 calendar months! This year we’ve really wanted to focus on inspiring our pupils to become writers as well as readers; that’s why we’ve turned to Pobble, who pride themselves on making writing ridiculously exciting.

On Tuesday 27th September we were joined by Zoe from Pobble who worked with groups of students to develop their writing skills. First up was Mr Wolfe and Oak Class who did some very creepy writing about a mysterious house. Next, was Miss Deacon and Elm Class who wrote letters from the trenches of the 1st World War, which really complemented their class novel of ‘War Horse’.

You can view the fantastic work created here:

Oak Class


Elm Class

Why not consider creating a Pobble account so that you can leave comments on our pupils’ work? Better still why not follow our school page?

Our School Page

We look forward to bringing you more fabulous writing throughout the school year.


Wiggle bot!

Part of our robot topic the students have built a wiggle bot! 


The Great Fire Of London

Pupils in Oak class have been learning about The Great Fire of London. They discussed why they think the fire spread so quickly in 1666. All of the buildings were made from wood and the buildings were built closely to each other which meant the fire could take hold effectively. The winds were also very strong fanning the flames.

 If there was  a fire in London today it is unlikely to spread as quickly. The fire service are more effective and the buildings are made from brick, steel and glass. These materials do not catch fire as easily.

ET comes to Springfields

Theo and Mrs Townsend worked together to create their book cover for World Book Day. Theo decided that ET was his favourite character from films and books that he has read. He worked so well to produce an excellent book cover that Mr Hamp awarded him the individual prize. well done Theo! 


The Hulk and his friends come to Oak class.

World book day allowed pupils in Oak class to look more closely at the Marvel heroes. As a class we decided which heroes would feature on our door display. Ben was very knowledgeable and made sure we used the correct colours and symbols for the heroes represented on our door. However, we decided that as a class we were superheroes in the making and so also feature. 


Fast and furious

Primary pupils in Oak class are having fun whilst they learn! They have all started Bikeability, and when successful, will allow them to ride safely on their bikes.

[vsw id=”tYFXRTyYvgw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Vote for school to get a windfall


Pupils and staff would like to make the dream of an adventure play area a reality so please vote. There is still two weeks to go until the voting comes to an end.