Life Skills First Aid

LOTC is now delivering First Aid to the studets using the St John’s Ambulance first aid for children scheme. For each topic, such as CPR, Wounds and Bleeding or Choking etc, the students will recieve a certificate.

We have been looking at the DRsABC, a model to find out if the patient is concious and breathing. Here is life skills in action, a perfectly perfomed DRsABC from the students.


LOTC Staff Training

The LOTC department would like to share this little film of a staff training session during half term. The climb is called Bosigran Ridge, aka Commando ridge and is a classic, mini ‘alpine style’ accent.

We are focusing on risk this term and how to manage it. The students are using various sites in Wiltshire and breaking down situations to decide whether the risk is appropriate. Showing the students the film this has produced some interesting discussions!

Looking forward to term 2,

Mr Hurles

Sausages and Smores

In Ash class this week we have combined our skills and learning  from LOTC and life skills in order to cook smores and sausages over a campfire. The pupils used the internet to look up recipes and ingredients needed for smores and wrote a shopping list for Miss Mayo-Ward. On Friday they took their ingredients over to Mr Hurles in learning outside the classroom, and used their newly acquired fire starting knowledge. The students collected their own fire wood, started the fire using flint and steel, and built the wood up in bundles. They then cooked sausages and smores over the flames.

Here are some photos from the morning’s activities.


img_0016 img_0025 img_0023 img_0021 img_0020 img_0017img_0024

BTEC Outdoor Education

Year 10 BTEC Outdoor Education has been very positive so far this term. We have been using the medium of paddle sports to develop new skills, resilience and leadership.

The students are now getting ready with the appropriate kit at the start of each session and lifting and carrying boats to the shore.

Identifying and managing risk has been a key element to the course andthe students are involved in managing this at all times. This week they were introduced to rescue’s using a throw line. Brilliant rescue’s from the students and displaying the start of good paddling skills.

A big thank you to Mr Stephens and Mr Witton for thier dramatic involvment.


LOTC – Problem Solving and First Aid

Below is a video of some of the amazing work Springfields students have done in LOTC this week. We have been Covering First Aid and Emergency Situations. The teams had to splint a leg (pretend break) and get the casualty to a helicopter extraction point. It was interesting to see the students react positivley and work hard togeter to achieve thier goal.

We also went to West Woods and the students had to stay as a group, and find the staff  who were blowing a whistle. We hid 500m away and were in radio contact. Why do this?? The students have never been off the beaten track in a huge forest before. They talked about being scared and excited, how to stay safe, becoming more resilient and working together. The students filmed thier experience.

Well done to all the pupils,

Mr Hurles

A fantastic LOTC lesson with Elm on Cherhill.

A fantastic LOTC lesson with Elm on Cherhill. The objective, to carry a surfboard to the top and not let it touch the ground once……completed.

Learn how to walk on a compass bearing…….completed.

How to succeed through challenge and discomfort…….completed!!

Well done to all the class for their efforts.

Mr Hurles

Tidying up the outdoor education space

The outdoor education area has been a little neglected of late, and with it being the holidays, we had a bit of time on our hands to start clearing up all the discarded pallets, wood and planks.

We really should have taken a before photo, as we didn’t realise the amount of material we would collect!

Check out the massive pile in the background of this photo:


Still it looks a lot better now.


Something about the weather

image imageToday we braved the elements and went up to Cherhill for our LOTC lessons. Many were complaining that it was too cold, so I went home at lunch and changed to waterproof clothing and joined my group for their lesson. We braved 60 mile per hour winds and walked part way up the hill.

wet, cold but laughing we ventured back to school and chatted over hot chocolate. We discussed risks, changing conditions and what parts of the day’s weather had in relation to our climate change topic.