What a drama at Springfields!

If you visited the academy last week you may have noticed more drama than usual, as we hosted eight Drama trainee teachers from Bath Spa University. It was the first time that Drama trainees have visited the academy, but it certainly won’t be the last! The trainees followed a full programme, which included running workshops for pupils and a performance of Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhyme’ ‘Cinderella’ in assembly.

The trainees spoke at length about how the visit will help them support SEND learners in their own classrooms. Trainees described the academy as: wholesome, flexible, inspiring, open and inclusive. One trainee described the academy as: “Uncompromising- everything I’ve seen has been totally centred around the welfare and healthy development of the students.” Trainee Bethan Powell said that the academy was: “Transparent- every system, rule and strategy is communicated with staff, students and parents. Communication is very strong.”

The trainees were also full of praise for the welcome which they received from the pupils, “The children are fantastic. I love the general atmosphere created of support and understanding. The rapport the staff have with the kids is amazing to witness.”

Our relationship with Bath Spa University is one that we value immensely and the benefit for the trainees is also seen through their feedback: “My eyes have truly been opened about specialist schools. Everyone has been so welcoming and the children are brilliant.”

We look forward to welcoming Science trainees from Bath Spa later this week.


Inspiring, Welcoming, Fantastic, Fun!

These were some of the words used to describe the academy last week by a group of 10 visiting Music trainees from Bath Spa University. The trainees joined us for three days and followed a packed timetable of: observing lessons, supporting pupils, leading workshops and learning about good SEND practice. The highlight of the week was assembly where the trainees joined together to become the band ‘Loose Change’. There was a dazzling array of instruments from drums to flutes to the biggest saxophone we had ever seen!  There was lots of clapping and even some dancing!

When asked to describe the academy in one word, the trainees said:

  • Inspiring
  • Resilience
  • Welcoming
  • Fantastic
  • Patience
  • Fun
  • Eclectic
  • Enriching
  • Positive

The trainees also commented:

“The calm and informed manner in which all staff approach challenging situations has provided a great model for working with children with SEND in my own practice.”

“Staff here seem so friendly and happy”

“Children and staff really seem to enjoy being here- great atmosphere.”

“The school feels relaxed, friendly and fun.”

We look forward to welcoming Drama trainees from Bath Spa University next week.

Parents Feedback

Let us have your feedback:

We love to hear from our parents, please feel free to contact us via the form on this page

“Pleased that he is learning and writing. In previous school he played all day 1:1 with adult no mixing with others.”

“He has made social progress and is the happiest he has ever been.”

“His confidence in his own ability has grown so much. He is an intelligent boy and just needed to be taught in a way he understands.”

“Yes, very happy. Blown away with how he is doing. Living a normal life. They have the old **** back.”

“Yes, 100% very happy with placement and how K_____ has settled in.”

“So settled.”

“Wants to come to school.”

“Happy with placement.”

“Different person – very happy where she is.”

“Settled very well, very quickly.”