Lifeskills Garden Projects – From Seed to Mouth

Lifeskills Garden Projects – From Seed to Mouth

Dear All,

We have recently moved into a new building to support our young people with ASD and associated learning difficulties.

Our life-skills programme is aimed to deliver a skill set suitable for supporting young people for life outside of our school and onto the community.

The life skills garden project aims to:

  • Clean up the current garden and make it a suitable place to enjoy in general.
  • To develop an allotment suitable for growing a wide variety of produce.
    • to learn to care and nurture young vegetables and fruits.
  • To follow the growth path from seed to mouth.
  • To prepare and cook meals from fresh produce.
  • To investigate the possibility engaging in an enterprise project capable of financing future development.

we are currently at the beginning of this project and are in need of some basic materials, if anyone is able to help with the following please get in touch:

  • Vegetable and Flower seeds.
  • Pots and potting materials.
  • Compost, fertiliser
  • Materials to build beds – wooden train sleepers etc
  • Polytunnel – (I can only ask!)
  • New Garden furniture
  • Build your own BBQ equipment

As with all great projects I have zero funding for any of this but can only offer the possibility of kodos, (hopefully) newspaper articles and a small bit of advertising.

This is our starting point:

IMG_20160224_145843 IMG_20160224_145829 IMG_20160224_145810 IMG_20160224_145755 IMG_20160224_145737 IMG_20160224_145730 IMG_20160224_145726



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