Parent/Carer Forum Introduction

Parent/Carer Forum Introduction

The Parent/Carer Forum was formed by a handful of parents & carers in January 2014.  The forum is run by parents/carers with the support of the academy who meet once a term to discuss academy related issues.

Meetings are informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion.  All parents/carers are always most welcome at the meetings so please do come along.

The two main purposes of the Parent/Carer Forum are:

– Give the parents/carers a voice and increase their active involvement in decision-making, fostering a culture of ownership and participation.

– Develop a partnership between the academy and the parents/carers in order to support & promote the pupils academic and social learning and bring about appropriate positive change.

Please remember you are not alone as we all share a common & special bond with our respective children. We are all great Parents/Carers alike no matter our challenges in life!

If you have an academy related issue or simply wish to make a suggestion, then please contact us on the following email


Below is the link to the Wiltshire Parent Carer Council website:


Parent/Carer Forum Committee

sc2 Steve
vw2 Vicki
Vice Chair
ab2 Andy
Vice Chair


Parent/Carer Forum Meetings

Term 3 – Date and location to be confirmed

(This will be determined by the responses to the Parent/Carer Questionnaire sent out by email on 11 January 2017)



Future Meetings tbc

Term 4 – Tuesday 21 March 2017 (Current planning)

Term 5 – Tuesday 16 May 2017 (Current planning)

Term 6 – Tuesday 11 July 2016 (Current planning)


Parent/Carer Forum Meeting Minutes