Springfields students enter virtual reality

Springfields students enter virtual reality

While virtual reality is not new, this year is the year where a new wave of virtual reality products are being (or have been) launched.

Having personally just obtained one of these products, a HTC Vive virtual reality headset, I brought it into the school to allow staff and students the opportunity to try using this bleeding edge (and expensive!) technology.


George was most excited to try out the hardware, knowing everything there is to know about Job Simulator, before we even loaded it.

Here, he is experiencing being a ‘Store Clerk’.




Dylan is also trying out Job Simulator. He is a ‘Gourmet Chef’ and looks to be making a tasty sandwich!





I lined up Mr Portlock with a much more adventurous 360 degree video of the rollercoaster Baron 1898, at the theme park Efteling, in the Netherlands. Here, he is bracing himself for the first big drop!





Mrs Bruce is also using Job Simulator. She is preparing food in the kitchen of ‘Gourmet Chef’. A “home away from home” she described it!




Lastly, we have a video of the above in action! Be sure to catch Mrs Bruce at the end, virtually riding Baron 1898! (While just about managing to stay upright).


What is clear from the day, is that this is a very engaging activity. Even those not taking part seemed fascinated watching others use it. I certainly see it having potential for use in education. Coupled with the right software, the only limits are those of imagination!

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