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Message from Jon Hamp.

Dear Parent / Carer


Most importantly I hope that you’re all ok and coping with all the changes we now face.


I want us to look on this as a good week. The learning that has gone on at home has been amazing. Thank you so much for supporting your child in their learning at home. The writing, lego, art work, workouts  etc have all been outstanding. I hope we’re all feeling proud right now.  We have tried to celebrate as much and as many as possible, and I hope you’ve been able to access our Facebook or twitter accounts.


We have started our provision this week on site for the children of key workers. We will now start to look at supporting other children and families on an individual basis. We are putting together a way for you to request respite if you need it,  and this will be clarified next week. Bear with us and remember, home is still the safest place to be.


Our website contains lots of links and ideas for learning, but also for help with managing anxiety. Two links  that the Therapy team recommend are a fantastic YouTube channel called Cosmic Kids Yoga. Yoga will both help calm the body and mind and also give the body the movement in needs in a slower controlled way and help reduce anxieties.  It’s aimed at children but parents can join in too. Here’s a link to one of the classes, there are lots to do and each one focuses on a different character. This may help with access to public places being reduced. There is also an app called Stop, Breathe & Think Kids. It is a mindfulness and meditation app but delivered with a fun interactive element. There are also mindfulness and anxiety strategies coming out soon on Springfields Academy YouTube Channel


In the weeks ahead we will do all we can, I apologise in advance if for some of you it is not enough, but we will keep communicating, we will keep supporting you and we will keep Springfields fully alive so that it is even better and stronger when all this is over. We have learned a lot about how to support this week, we will keep putting that learning into practice.


Take care and stay well!


Kind regards


Jon Hamp

Executive Headteacher. Springfields Academy.

ReachSouth Director SEND.



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