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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Phase 3 (KS4)

(Age 14-16)

Meet the Phase 3 Team:

Sofia Ben - Ali

Science Teacher

Phase 3 Lead    


Maxine Page

English Teacher  

Carol Mortimer 

Maths Teacher 

Sue O'Reilly

Humanities Teacher 

  Andrew Cameron

ICT/ Business and Enterprise Teacher 

Mark Enright

ICT/ Business and Enterprise Teacher

Darren Mullings

P.E. / Sport and Leisure Teacher

Physical and Sensory Lead 

Tracey Robertson

Palm Teacher 

Sarah Hennessey 

Palm Teacher 

 Howard Cale

Hospitality and Catering Teacher  

Gerard Hurles

Learning Outside the Classroom Instructor 

  Therese Gavin

Lead Autism Support Worker



  David Newman

Autism Support Worker

Our Curriculum:


Our Speech and Language Therapist works very closely with Phase 3 staff to ensure that communication enablement strategies are in place for pupils personalised to need. The Occupational Therapist ensures that pupils environment and sensory needs are met in additional to specific intervention as required. Emotional Literacy support for pupils wellbeing is embedded through the curriculum.  

Entry level Cohort/Functional Skills Cohort:

Learning builds on the foundations and approaches of link primary phase cohort. Learners benefit from a positive relationship with their teacher who delivers their learning in core subjects through a thematic approach. Pupils attend ‘pathway’ learning of special interest alongside peers from their phase. 

GCSE Cohort

GCSE cohort. Pupils are supported to manage transitions and organisational requirements around accessing and making progress within an age appropriate curriculum through approaches such as TEACCH. Pupils learn from subject specialists where there is a greater focus on depth of knowledge within the subject. 

Flexibility – Academic Pathway

Our experience indicates that pupils with a diagnosis of autism may have a ‘special interest’ that they excel in e.g. Maths.

As a result, we will look to provide opportunity for pupils to follow an entry level pathway in a range of core subjects but then study their area of ‘special interest’ at a higher level e.g. GCSE Maths

Specific curriculum pathways

In addition to the core offer, all pupils will follow one specific curriculum pathway related to an area of pupil’s interest, outcomes in the EHCP and preparation for transition into adulthood.

These pathways (list below) will deliver a range of key outcomes that including a range of accreditation within this chosen pathway (in line with cognitive ability).

Accreditation in relation to the key aspects of preparation for adulthood that include, health, employability, community inclusion and independent living.

All pupils will be expected to complete work experience and travel training CIAG and supported transition into post-16 provision.

The proposed curriculum pathways are:

  • Sport, leisure and tourism
  • Business, enterprise and creative media
  • Outdoor learning, environment and countryside management
  • Engineering and transport
  • Hospitality, catering and event management