The Springfields Academy

Reach South Academy Trust

Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Independence and Self- Help

In order to achieve a 'safe, independent life' developing independence and self-help skills is a fundamental of each pupils daily experience. Developing independence is unique to each pupil specific support for developing independence is identified on a learners PLP. 

We encourage independent learning by:

  • Developing engagement in learning
  • Developing a motivation to learn
  • Developing creative and critical thinking
  • Functional application of knowledge and skills


Our Discovery learners follow specific life skills and preparation for adulthood programs that enable them to develop skills in:

  • Managing their own self-care (e.g. washing, toileting)
  • Eating, drinking and food preparation
  • Dressing
  • Organising themselves for activities
  • Following routines with as much independence as possible
  • Accessing their communities 
  • Travel training
  • Accessing post school destinations (e.g. College, work placement, community group)