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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Physical and Sensory

Sensory and Environment

Being able to function and manage sensory input is at the core of our Discovery Curriculum, we are aware that how our pupils present is directly linked to how they process their senses and many require support and intervention to manage their sensory needs. A pupils learning journey starts with individual sensory assessments overseen by our Occupational Therapist who will make personalised recommendations based on assessment outcomes which are detailed in a learners PLP. 

All our Discovery learners access a low arousal, autism friendly environment which is adapted to the needs of the individual and group as required for example some learners may require a personalised learning pod, others may require specific lighting, some may require specific equipment e.g. seating - ball chair, wobble stool, wobble mat, foot wobbles, ear defenders or concentrators. 


Sensory Circuits:

Sensory Circuits are embedded into pupils daily routines to enable them to be ready for learning experience By following the three stages of ALERT - ORGANISE - CALM. 

a guide to sensory circuits.pdf


Fine Motor Skills:

All Discovery learners access a structured fine motor skill development program which is embedded within their daily timetable and individualised to their level of challenge. Learners progress along our Discovery fine motor skill progression which is quality assured by our Occupational Therapist. 


Gross Motor Skills:

Our Discovery learners also access a structured gross motor skills development program and have the opportunity to practice and overlearn these skills both in their timetable and in their unstructured times. Discovery learners access a range of equipment and resources to promote gross motor development.

discovery early motor skill development.pdf



Physical Education and Outdoor Learning:

All Discovery learners access a daily P.E. our Outdoor Learning session.

In Physical and Sensory sessions pupils specifically develop:

  • Physical Skills - Fine and Gross Motor Skill
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Skills
  • Thinking Skills

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