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Consultation - Increase in numbers for The Springfields Academy

Term 1. Summary of feedback from consultation on planned increase in pupil numbers.

In July we opened consultation on proposed changes to our pupil numbers. There were 40 formal responses to the statement, ‘I agree with the planned increase in pupil numbers for Springfields Academy to 210 in total and 170 as our onsite capacity in Calne’ Thank you to all respondents. Consultation helps us assess perceived impact and make necessary plans and changes.  

Overall response to Concerns.

Positive comments:

  • ‘Nice to see a school genuinely trying to meet the needs of its community’
  • ‘Brilliant, Springfields can help even more than they do now’

Of those who formally responded 78% agreed and 22% disagreed. It was good to see this level of understanding of, and care for our community. There were concerns and questions raised about:

  • More provision needed in the Salisbury area.
  • Need to increase classrooms, play areas, sensory resources.
  • Leadership capacity.
  • Communication
  • Lunch areas
  • Taxi areas. Drop off.

Responses to these concerns were:

  • More provision needed in the Salisbury area.

ReachSouth Springfields Academy is currently working to develop A 150 place special free school in Salisbury for Sept 2022. We are also working with Wiltshire Council to support schools in Salisbury and strengthen mainstream provisions.

  • Need to increase classrooms, play areas, sensory resources.

We have already adapted and will continue to adapt redundant residential and vocational areas so that increase can be safely accommodated. We have recently built one new play structure in Calne and our drive is always to improve environment when we know its importance for our population.

  • Leadership capacity.

Leadership is critical. We will assess staffing structures this term to ensure that leadership capacity and capability continually develops and improves.

  • Communication.

Good communication is vital. All staff are held to account for ensuring that pupils are safe, applying RSAT procedures for safety (in the light of COVID19). This includes lunch areas and arrangements for drop off and collection of pupils at the beginning and end of the school day

Academy Staff & Governors

Staff at the Academy are committed to the success of the provision and all further projected growth and support the change.  The local governing body is fully aware of and supportive of the increase and is committed to further monitoring its impact. (discussion at Full Governing Body July 7, 2020) Parent Governors will continue to support all parents in their role. 

Wiltshire Council

The Local Authority has responded very positively to the proposal. A letter of support from the Wiltshire Council Director of Education and Skills was received.

Wiltshire Parent Carer Council

The Wiltshire Parent Carer Council (voluntary group supporting parents of SEND children and young people across the county) has described the proposal as "fantastic news" and that parents have been very supportive of the arrangements the academy has made during the lockdown period quoting "A parent carer has contacted us (WPCC) to say that: “Springfield has gone above and beyond, they are amazing”. She said that the social stories that you have been offering have been really helpful, but what has impressed them most are the videos that show what it will be like going back to school.". One Headteacher response raised the issue of the increase appeared to be for ASD pupils, rather than ASD/SEMH pupils. The response to this was that the principal demand is for ASD.


Jon Hamp

Executive Headteacher. Springfields Academy.

ReachSouth Director SEND.