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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Parent support advisor

Our Parent Support Advisor is Therese Flaherty who can be contacted by phone on 01249 814125 or via email: 


The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety

It offers plenty of valuable information such as:

  • A practical guide for parents on how to keep teens safe online, including useful summaries of popular internet apps as well as the types of threats teens could be exposed to online.
  • Safety tips for using apps such as Instagram, TikTok (which has gathered 1 billion users in only two years), YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp. We also cover advice and safety tips for teens playing online multiplayer video games.
  • Other online safety topics and advice such as sharing personal information, socialising online, cyberbullying, harmful content, influencers, body image and mental health for teens online.
  • Links to additional internet safety resources for parents from well-respected sources such as the NSPCC and the UK government’s own guidelines.

Local SEND information.

Please see below some helpful local information

The Wiltshire Local offer

The Wiltshire Parent Carer Council

The Wiltshire Autism Information Pack

The National Autistic Society:


Swindon Borough Council Local Offer:

Bath and North East Somerset Local Offer:

Bath and North East Somerset Local Offer