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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Springfields South

Springfields South is our school based in Salisbury to cater for pupils in the South of Wiltshire.  Springfields South operates under the same ethics, leadership, governance, curriculum and therapeutic enablement as Springfields in Calne. Springfields South is proud to offer a Phase 2 Provision.

Phase 2 and Year 9

(Age 7-14)

We have 4 Classes:

3 Classes in our 'Autism and Cognition and Learning' Cohort, 1 Class in our 'Autism and Environment' Cohort  

Squirrels Class

Hazel Class

Beech Class

Fir Class


At Springfields South our Pupils are supported by our wonderful Autism Support Team:

 Pete Kirby

Emotional Regulation Manager

Daniel Twinn

Lead Autism Support Worker

Claire Wovendon-Down

Lead Autism Support Worker

Clare Booth

Autism Support Worker

Elklan Practitioner

 Kate Hartford

Autism Support Worker

Elklan Practitioner


Rebecca Twinn

Autism Support Worker

Rob Thomas

Autism Support Worker

 Approach to Learning:

Children develop their communication and language skills with strategies such as 'word aware' embedded into the curriculum. The team work very closely with the Speech and Language Therapist to ensure age appropriate communication scaffolds are in place to support everyone to access the curriculum. Emotional Literacy Support is embedded throughout the pupils' day and personalised interventions are put in place as required. In partnership with the Occupational Therapist the team ensure the learning environment and access to learning meets need. Learning is active and multi-sensory. 


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