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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Curriculum -Overview

Discovery Curriculum Intent:

Our Discovery Curriculum is unique to each individual pupil. The pupil is kept at the heart of the learning experience. Our skilled practitioners provide a flexible and responsive curriculum the meets the very individual needs of each pupil. 

The Discovery Curriculum is a Semi-Formal curriculum for learners who are at the very early stages of learning and development and for those who will work consistently below the National Curriculum with aspiration to work towards end of key stage 1 expectations. The term ‘Semi-Formal Curriculum’ is based on the ideas of Penny Lacey (2011). At Springfields our Discovery curriculum is designed for pupils with autism, communication and learning needs. 

Semi - formal Discovery learners:

  • have communication needs
  • require additional support to grasp abstract concepts 
  • require support to develop concentration and attention 
  • need support with short and long term memory, sequential memory and working memory
  • need support with ‘general knowledge’.
  • require support with generalising understanding. 

Discovery learners learn best when their curriculum is related to their own experiences and when they are given plenty of opportunities to overlearn.   

Discovery (5- 13)  Implementation:


To ensure each individual pupil is on their own unique journey towards a ‘safe, independent life’ we ensure they are placed at the centre of the curriculum experience. Every child has a ‘personalised learning plan’ (PLP) which details their enablement strategies and outcomes linked to the four areas of SEND code of practice (2015). The PLP and curriculum delivery is informed by our therapy first approach which provides a foundation for all pupils to be ready to learn and access the curriculum successfully.


The Discovery Curriculum prepares pupils for the Discovery Pathfinder Curriculum.


Discovery Pathfinder (14+) Implementation: 


Discovery Curriculum Impact: 

Discovery pupils leave us with a range of personalised curriculum outcomes giving them a platform for their post school destination: 

  • Unit Award/Entry Level English
  • Unit Award/Entry Level Maths
  • OCR Life and Living Award/Certificate/Diploma
  • Subject based unit awards/entry levels by option
  • Option for Duke of Edinburgh Award